MegaSquirt Services




Remote Off-site TUning

We specialize in remote tuning and have many satisfied customers throughout the country who we’ve helped realize their power goals. What you’ll need - a drivable car with MegaSquirt installed, a working WideBand O2 sensor, and a laptop.

Through a series of exchanging datalogs and specific vehicle maneuvers we’ll get your engine dialed in.

On-Site Tuning

If you’d like an in-person tuning session we can also accommodate that. We’re limited to providing service in the Northwest - primarily in Western WA and OR.

Feel free to reach out and schedule a tuning session, and see how we can best help.


ECU Repair

If you have a non-working MegaSquirt, or recently purchased a used ECU you’d like to verify before plugging in - get in touch.

We can do most repairs for a low flat rate and a week or two turnaround.

New MegaSquirt ECUs

Custom MegaSquirt ECUs

Let us know what you’re trying to control and we can help you find an ECU that fits. Prices vary by application, please drop us an email for a quote.

We can provide you with, or configure, anything from a basic MegaSquirt1 to MegaSquirtS3x and MS Pro Controllers.

MegaSquirt Plug-n-Play

We also have a full catalog of MegaSquirt Plug-n-Play controllers and related accessories


Contact Us

We like to give each customer individual service, reach out via email to get started