SpitfireEFI takes a new approach to custom engine management.
		Bring new life to your car by taking control of fuel and spark, tuning
		every ounce of performance from your motor. Bring us your car
		and we will give it the works, or buy a pre-built ECU and take the
		DIY road. We're eager to share our knowledge and passion. Fuel. Spark.Tuning. ...feel the difference
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Gallery Page Issues

We've had some reports of the Gallery crashing lately, please bear with us as we sort that out!


Sync Loss Reasons and MG Photos

There's a handy file with the various sync loss error codes over on the Downloads Page. Our '67 Miata MGB is off getting finishing touches at Bradley Restoration.


Minor Site Updates

We've made some minor updates and done some house keeping of the website. Get in touch with us if you need help getting your MS set up in time to enjoy the Spring driving season!

/// MegaSquirt Repair Services

$100 and under

    If you have a damaged or malfunctioning MS system, we're here to help!

    Email us at sales@spitfireefi.com