SpitfireEFI takes a custom approach to engine management.
		Bring new life to your car by taking full control of the engine tuning and
		get every ounce of performance from your motor. 
		We're eager to share our knowledge and passion. Fuel.Spark.Tuning. ...feel the difference
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New Additions to Code Archive

We've added a new MS3 code section in the Downloads Page as more customers have been asking about MS3 projects. We'll also start to trickle in some working MS3 tunes for various configurations as time goes on.


Back in Action!

Apologies for the long overdue relaunch of the site! We've been working out some back end issues, and are back online. We also took this time to investigate some options for a new look for the site, and hope to debut that in the near future - so stay tuned.


Code Archive and British Field Meet

The Downloads Page has a couple small updates to include a few older MS2e code versions in the archive. We've also updated the Gallery with pictures from this year's slightly damp All British Field Meet in Portland. And finally the '67 Miata-swapped MGB project is just about ready to hit the road for some tuning now with a new exhaust.

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$100 and under

    If you have a damaged or malfunctioning MS system, we're here to help!

    Email us at sales@spitfireefi.com