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MS2E Code and Photo Updates

We've added a couple pictures of a recent trip to the dyno with a Supercharged MGB running MS2-e. There are also a lot of new engine and wiring pictures of our project '67 MGB up in the Gallery. Finally, the latest MS2e 3.3.2 release is up on the Downloads Page.


MG Update and Subaru Triggers

A quick new update to the Downloads page with a picture example of a Subaru 36-2-2-2 versus a 6/7 trigger wheel combo. Also, the project '67 MGB GT now has a fresh coat of blue paint!. Work is still on going on the finishing touches to its ITB'd Miata engine, but it should all be coming together this winter.


MGB Progress

There's been some big updates on our '67 MGB GT project the last couple of months. It's now off for a major body and suspension overhaul at Bradley Restoration. The 2000 Miata engine with ITBs will be getting a minor overhaul and top end work while the body is away, and everything should be coming together pretty quickly this winter, so stay tuned!

/// MS-1 v3.0 ECU

$385 - Shipped

  • Onboard Spark Drivers
  • VR Signal Conditioning
  • Low Impediance Injectors
  • Expandable Outputs
  • Selection Guide