Samples of our Past Projects



‘67 MGB GT

One of our long term projects - a Miata swapped ‘67 MGB GT. Bradley Restoration did all of the body work and much of the interior restoration and we put together the powertrain, wiring, and plumbing.

The engine is a BP4W from a 2000 Miata, fitted with TWM throttle bodies and Toda cams all controlled by an MegaSquirt3 X with an expansion board. ECU wiring is run on a separate overlay and the chassis wiring is all new.

MegaSquirt3 X was chosen as the ECU platform for this build as it allowed for a variety of different I/O as well as easily interfacing with the Mazda engine components to provide a straightforward install.


323 GTX Big Turbo

This was a full 4 seasons daily driver configuration with closed loop boost control, closed loop idle and WideBand O2 control. Complete with a Garrett GT series turbo and front mount intercooler.

This build runs on MegaSquirt2 as it was the most advanced platform available at the time, and even today continues to provide a great blend of value and flexibility for most turbo or daily driver configurations. No better bang for your buck!


‘73 Mini DOHC

This Mini is a collaboration with Silver Sleeves Racing, and is powered by the BMW head-swapped high compression Mini engine and a MicroSquirt.

We did a lot of on the road and remote tuning and idle work to make this a manageable engine for the street - and the Mini drives like a rocket! … with all of the wide open throttle noise you’d expect from a powertrain this wild.


‘91 Turbo Subaru Legacy

Powered by a modified Turbo Legacy engine with a lot of overseas parts, this is one of the more complex street setups we’ve tuned and put together. Using all of the factory Subaru sensors and valves, this MegaSquirt2 setup has full closed loop idle, crankcase vent control and a fully functioning factory gauge cluster.

Megasquirt2 was chosen as the platform for this engine as it was the most advanced available at the time, in order to control all of the various emissions components and closed loop modes to enable it to be an emissions compliant street car.


Demon Rally stage rally 16v GTI

We worked with Demon Rally to set up and dyno their Mk2 16v GTI rally car. This was a big naturally aspirated 16v build, running on a MegaSquirt2 ECU and primarily geared toward WOT rally stage performance.


‘71 MGB V6

This is another collaboration with Bradley Restoration. Powered by a GM V6 and an automatic transmission we did a full four seasons daily driver tune on this. Engine control was done by a MegaSquirt2

Megasquirt2 was chosen as it provided all of the flexibility required to make this an easy to drive all-weather street roadster. With plenty of power thanks to the modern engine and controls, it’s a smooth, quick, easy to drive classic.


‘87 16v GTI Turbo

Controlled by a MegaSquirt2, this GTI had a GT35 turbo, an air to water intercooler and closed loop boost control, in addition to larger cams and a built Integrated Engineering based bottom end.

We also overhauled and replaced all of the factory Volkswagen wiring and built a new chassis wiring harness around a new universal fuse and relay box.